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we are currently promoting the call for University of Kragujevac – Serbia .   This program contemplates students from Latin America and the Caribbean to study for a semester (in the case of degree student  would be 2 trimesters, for Master or Doctoral program from 2 to 6 months) enrolling in classes that will be validated according to the academic program they are taking with Economic aid for maintenance through Erasmus program.  (it must be a minimum of 30 European credits).  This is a selection contest and the destination institution selects the winners.

This is the only selection procedure. We first submit  candidates and the host university selects them.

Criteria to be able to apply:

  • Be an active student in the second year of your degree (5th trimester) and have enough time left so that when the exchange is finished you still have at least 2   of classes in INTEC.
  • Have a GPA over 3.00/4.00.  In case of Master and Doctoral Program could be for Research or specific topic.
  • Have TOEFL (or other exam results) that prove B2 proficiency in English or French, depending on the requirements of the destination university.
  • Have not gone through any processes with the Discipline Committee.
  • Have 4 full doses of COVID vaccine (especially two Pfizer) and be able to take a PCR test according to those requested by the countries of which airports you will go through on your trip
  • Have the economic means to carry out the visa process of the country where the mobility will be carried out, this application process in some cases is outside the Dominican Republic’s territory.
  • Be up to date with the corresponding payments and have no pending documents in the admissions office.

We count on your enthusiasm to participate in this call.  This is a highly valuable personal, academic and professional opportunity. Please fill the following form if interested:

Formulario de solicitud


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